Can You Paint Over Redgard? [Yes You Can]

Whenever the topic of waterproofing or sealing walls comes up, most homeowners will opt for Redgard. Basically, Redgard will make a one-step waterproof membrane to protect the inner walls from water damage.

But the thing is, Redgard is red, as the name suggests. Even though the bright red color profile might seem okay for a short period, many would want to paint their walls in different colors in the long term. And when that topic comes up, many ask can you paint over Redgard?

Also, many wonder if the new coat of paint over Redgard will ruin the waterproofing capabilities or not. While the answer might seem a simple yes or no, there is much more to the topic. And you can get to know about it all by going through this article.

Can You Paint Over Redgard

Is Redgard Paintable?

So, according to the manufacturer, if you paint over Redgard, you will void the warranty that the waterproofing solution comes with. The thing about Redgard is that they offer a lifetime warranty for the waterproofing layer. Yes, lifetime! The manufacturer is pretty confident with the capability of the formula.

But does that mean that you can not paint over Redgard? Not really! You will undoubtedly be capable of painting over Redgard if you want to. But you can not claim the warranty if you do so.

However, most of the custom building projects will paint over Redgard anyway. And the manufacturer itself does offer some recommendations regarding it.

Nonetheless, the thing about painting over Redgard is that the manufacturer does not know if the chemical of the new paint will affect the capabilities of Redgard or not.

But, you can expect the Redgard to offer at least 80 percent of the original performance when it comes to sealing and waterproofing if you follow the correct painting procedure.

Can You Use Sherwin Williams Paint to Paint Over Redgard?

Yes, you can use Sherwin Williams paint to paint over Redgard. Sherwin Williams offers a wide range of high-quality paints that can be used over Redgard without any issues. If you need to use returning paint to Sherwin Williams, they have a hassle-free return policy for your convenience.

What Does Redgard Recommend Regarding Painting Over?

Different custom building projects will require the walls and surfaces to have a different color. But most of those projects are not okay with leaving the walls vulnerable. Without proper sealing, water can seep through the walls. And that will cause the walls and the surface to lose their stability and structural integrity.

Nonetheless, if you really want to paint over Redgard, follow these steps:

Step 1: Primer the Surface

Primer is basically glue. It will adhere to the waterproof membrane that Redgard will create on the surface. Now, if you were to paint over the membrane with paint, you would notice that the paint is falling right to the ground. It will not bond with the surface because the waterproof membrane will hinder it from doing so.

For that reason, the manufacturer recommends priming the surface before attempting to paint it. But do remember that the quality of the primer will dictate how easy the entire process will be. If you opt for low or average primer, you will not be capable of creating the right foundation to put the paint over the waterproof membrane.

Furthermore, if you do not want the bright red color of Redgard to peep through, we would recommend getting the primers with a proper amount of white color mixed. If you use anything other than that, the red color might come through the new color you plan to paint over.  

Alternatively, you can opt for the one-step paints. One-step paints will have primer mixed with the color. That will enable the paint to stick with the waterproof membrane without any issues.

Step 2: Paint Over the Primer

Take a look at the instructions for the primer. The manufacturer should state how long you need to wait before working over the primer coat. Usually, you should wait for at least one day to ensure that the primer is bone-dry.

Nonetheless, when the primer dries up, work with the paint. Make sure that you buy a generous amount of color if you want to cover all of the spots. Also, put multiple layers of paint to make sure that the red color of the waterproof membrane is not visible.

On that note, for the topcoat, we would recommend acrylic paint. Opt for the options that are 100 percent acrylic. These paints will provide better overall performance.

Final Words

Now you know what to answer when you get asked if can you paint over Redgard or not. Nonetheless, if you do consider carrying out the project by yourself, make sure that you are ready to void the warranty. Even if you follow the manufacturer’s recommendation, you will still be voiding the warranty.

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