Can You Return Paint to Sherwin Williams?

Among all of the art and craft supply chains, Sherwin Williams is the one that most relies on. They have a broad range of art supplies and usually offer better service than others. However, sometimes your delivery may not be as you might have expected. Also, you might not like the paint that you recently purchased.

In such a scenario, you might ask yourself can you return paint to Sherwin Williams, or do you have to be stuck with the wrong paint or the paint you no longer want to work with? Well, we have taken a deeper dive into the return policy of Sherwin Williams, and we did find a couple of essential pieces of information.

Want to know about them? Read through because we will spill all of it out!

Can You Return Paint to Sherwin Williams

Will Sherwin Williams Take My Paint Back?

Well, the return policy of Sherwin Williams is pretty straightforward. And when it comes to returning paint, you need to keep these things in your mind:

  • Check if it is tinted or not
  • If you have ordered it through Sherwin Williams
  • Consider if it is a custom order or not
  • Check if the paint is marked as non-returnable

So, among these factors, the first one will be applicable for most cases. If the paint has not been used or tinted, Sherwin Williams will take it back without making you go through any hassles. In fact, you will have a high chance of returning the paint if it is still in factory condition.

Other than that, if the order is special, custom-made, or marked as non-returnable, you might not have that good of luck in returning the paint. Sherwin Williams will not take the item back even if it is in factory condition.

What is the Sherwin Williams paint return policy?

According to the return policy, if you choose to return an item, you will need to show proof of purchase. In other words, you need to keep the receipt safe. Also, the return window is only open for 30 days. After 30 days, the manager will not take the item back even if you did keep the item in its original form and have the proof of purchase.

Now, you might be wondering if the 90 days warranty plays any role here or not. Well, in terms of items that are completely fine, 90 days warranty does not apply. It applies only to defective items.

According to the policy, you will have a 90-day limited warranty period for defective items. You can exchange it or return it. However, note that the defective items will be inspected when you return or exchange them. Also, you will need to show the original ID and receipt.

Final Words

Still, wondering if can you return paint to Sherwin Williams? Well, in short, you can unless it is not tainted paint, custom paint, special order, or marked as non-returnable. Also, you have a 30-day window for returning the item unless it is defective.

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