Can You Paint Over Raptor Liner?

The thing about the Raptor line is that it does not match the rest of the truck’s color. For that reason, when people get the truck, the question of whether can you paint over Raptor liner goes through their minds.

Even though the black color of the liner does blend well with the rest of the truck’s body, it does look dull, and some find it out of place. No matter why you are planning to paint over the raptor liner, it is pretty natural to be worried about whether you are doing the right.

And the good news is that you just came to the right source to find out the answer. We will not only offer you insight regarding the topic but also let you know about the other things that you should know regarding painting the Raptor liner.

Can You Paint Over Raptor Liner

Is It Possible to Paint Over Raptor Liner?

Long story short, you can definitely paint over the raptor liner. In fact, you will notice a lot of the Raptor owners rocking a different colored bed on the trucks. But there is a requirement. You need to follow the correct painting process and let the liner cure for at least 24 hours before working it.

To be exact, if you have recently installed the liner, the professional will ask you to wait for at least 24 hours before you put anything on top of the liner.

Another thing that you need to consider is that topcoats will not bond with the liner properly if there are impurities. For that reason, we would recommend following the correct process.

How Does a Painted Raptor Liner Look Like?

How Does a Painted Raptor Liner Look Like

If you have not stumbled upon a Raptor that recently got a paint job on the liner, you must be pretty curious to know how will the painted liner actually looks like. Well, the end results will highly depend on how much of a good job you have done with the prep work.

If you follow the proper process and take your time to prepare the surface, you will make the liner get a much smoother surface. And the smoother the surface, the better the final coat on the surface will look.

On that note, you should consider that the paint over the liner will look great, but it might not outlast the liner. For that reason, be prepared to carry out the painting project multiple times throughout the lifespan of the Raptor liner.

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How Long Will The Paint Last on the Raptor Liner?

The thing about paint coats is that the lifespan will highly depend on how much effort you put into taking care of the Raptor liner. Most trucks go through a good amount of abuse, and the Raptor is not an exception. In fact, people apply the liner in the first place due to how much load the bed has to go through.

That said, depending on how well you carried out the painting project, the paint can last for at least three years. Some of the high-quality paints can last more than that. However, if you want to make the paint last for a prolonged time, you should apply touch-ups on the areas where the paint is starting to peel off.

How to Prepare the Raptor Liner for Paint?

We have mentioned following the proper process multiple times above. One of the important steps is to prepare the raptor liner. And here are the steps that you would need to follow:

Step 1: Sand the Surfaces

You should ensure that the area you want the paint to be over is scuffed up. The liner surface is pretty smooth. So, the paint will not stick to it if you do not sand it.

When it comes to sanding the liner, we would recommend using sandpaper with 180 grit. That will allow you to quickly get an adequate painting surface on the liner. However, do not just scuff the whole liner away. Going over the same area one or two times should be more than enough.

Step 2: Clean the Surface

You need to consider that the topcoats will not bond easily on the raptor liner if there are impurities. So, when you scuff and sand the surface, you need to clean it as well.

You will make the liner surface adequate for the paint by doing so. Also, the chances of you facing any issues while carrying out the project will be pretty low afterward.

Step 3: Cover the Surface Up With Primer

The preparation process does not stop there. You should also cover the surface with primer before painting over it. The primer will basically get the black color of the liner muted, which will allow your new color to look more bright and not have any black hues.

Which Paint Should I Choose to Paint Over the Raptor Liner?

Paint for raptor liner

Well, you can theoretically pick any color that you want. However, you should remember that the Raptor will blend exceptionally well with mixed acrylic basecoats. Urethane-based colors and 2K acrylic solid color will also be a good pick for this project.

Another thing that should note is that the liner surface will not be compatible with water-based, polyester, and enamel paints. So, when choosing paint for the project, do not pick these.

Nonetheless, the Raptor bed will be exposed to the environment the most. The sunlight will directly make contact with the bed. For that reason, we would recommend getting UV-resistant paints. Those will not only be capable of resisting the direct heat but also will not fade away that easily.

Will the Strength of the Liner Degrade After I Paint Over It?

Basically, the liner is a protective coating for the bed. But when you are painting over it, you are adding an additional layer to the bed. Will this extra layer make the liner a bit less capable of protecting the surface?

The Raptor liner on itself is pretty durable. It is capable of protecting the bed from extreme heat and other abuse. The truck also remains protected from dents and scratches. Now, when you are adding an extra layer on the top, which is the paint, you are enhancing the overall level of protection.

Both the liner and the paint layer will adequately protect the truck’s surface from the weather and physical abuse. Also, you will be enhancing the lifespan of the liner. It will last longer with paint on the top.

Nonetheless, you need to note that the paint will not last as long as the liner, which we have already mentioned above. So, you should be ready to do touch-ups or full recoating after each two to three years.

How Should You Clean the Raptor Liner?

The thing about the Raptor liner is that it will last for a prolonged time if you take proper care of it. And the cleaning process is pretty straightforward. You can use most of the cleaning agents, but we would recommend using acetone. It is a strong cleaner and will do a proper job of clearing all of the impurities from the surface.

However, if you paint over the liner, the acetone might make the paint come off. For that reason, if you have already carried out the painting project, we would recommend using vinegar or car wash shampoo.

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Now, after you carry out the cleaning process, make sure that you do not let the water sit on the top for a prolonged time. It will make the liner obtain water spots, which will not look good at all on the black coating that the liner initially comes with.

How Much Paint Do I Need to Paint Over the Raptor Liner?

The amount will highly depend on whether you have primer on the top, what paint you plan to use, and are going to do more than two coats or not.

Usually, you will need at least a gallon worth of paint to cover the entire liner of the bed. However, do not just get a gallon of paint. Instead, get tubs that are more than a gallon. Why?

Ideally, you will need to apply extra coats to make the paint come through. For the sprayer process, you need to do at least two coats. Three coats will be better.

On the other hand, for a roller or brush, you need to do at least four coats. However, we would recommend at least five coats.

Considering that you need to do more than two coats, you need to get a little more paint than you think you will need. Also, do not forget to let the first coat dry properly before working with the next coat. Look at the instruction for the paint and add one hour to the suggested time to dry.

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Final Words

So, can you paint over the Raptor liner? Yes! You can! But make sure that you prepare the liner surface before you paint over it. Also, do more than just one coat of paint. That will enable the paint to look great and last for a prolonged amount of time.

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