What Kind of Paint to Use on Asphalt And Tarmac?

Tarmac and asphalt surfaces can be challenging to paint because of their porous nature and tendency to absorb paint. Whether you are looking to spruce up a driveway, a parking lot, or a playground, it is important to know what kind of paint to use on these surfaces.

Paints specifically designed for asphalt and tarmac surfaces are usually a type of acrylic or epoxy paint. These paints are designed to adhere to the surface and provide protection from the elements.

Keep reading this blog if you plan to paint your asphalt and tarmac driveway. Here you will explore the different types of paint that can be used on these surfaces and some tips for a successful paint job.

What To Consider Before Painting Asphalt And Tarmac?

Painting asphalt and tarmac surfaces can greatly update their appearance and add color to your property. However, choosing the right paint and following proper application procedures is important to ensure a long-lasting and attractive result.

Traffic and usage

Consider the amount of traffic and usage to which the painted surface will be subjected. If the surface is subjected to heavy traffic, you’ll want to choose a highly durable paint that can withstand wear and tear.

On the other hand, if the surface is used more sparingly, you may be able to use less durable paint without sacrificing performance.


Think about the appearance you want to achieve with your painted surface. Do you want a bold, vibrant look or a more subtle, natural appearance? Different paints offer different color options; some may be more suitable for certain looks than others.


Don’t forget to consider your budget when choosing paint for your asphalt or tarmac surface. Specialized asphalt and tarmac paints may be more expensive than general-purpose paints but may offer better performance and durability in the long run.

the Different Types of Paint for Asphalt and Tarmac Surfaces

When it comes to painting asphalt and tarmac surfaces, choosing the right paint is crucial for achieving a long-lasting and attractive result.

Asphalt paint

Asphalt paint is specifically formulated for use on asphalt surfaces and is designed to withstand the extreme temperatures and heavy traffic that asphalt is subjected to. Some options to consider are the following:

  • Rust-Oleum 7758502 Protective Enamel Paint: This oil-based paint is available in various colors and is resistant to fading, chipping, and peeling.
  • KILZ L377611 1-Part Epoxy Acrylic Concrete & Garage Floor Paint: This water-based paint is easy to apply and dries to a durable, high-gloss finish.

Tarmac Paint

Tarmac paint is specifically formulated for use on tarmac surfaces and is designed to withstand the high traffic and heavy loads that tarmac is subjected to. Consider the following options:

  • Blackfriar Anti-Skid Deck Coating: This textured paint is designed to provide a slip-resistant surface and is suitable for use on the tarmac, as well as wood and concrete.
  • Ronseal Driveway Rescue Tarmac Restorer: This restoration paint is designed to fill cracks and restore the color of worn tarmac surfaces.

Some Other Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paint is a general-purpose paint that can be used on a variety of surfaces, including asphalt and tarmac. Here are some options to think about include:

  • BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Satin Enamel Exterior Paint: This water-based paint is available in a wide range of colors and dries to a durable, satin finish.
  • Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint Exterior Acrylic Latex: This high-quality paint is available in a range of finishes and is suitable for use on asphalt and tarmac surfaces.

No matter which type of paint you choose, It is essential to use it according to the manufacturer’s recommended application procedures for the best results.

Can You Use Regular Paint on Asphalt?

Using regular paint on asphalt is not recommended, as it does not provide a long-lasting solution. Regular paint does not adhere to asphalt effectively and will quickly fade, peel, or crack when exposed to the elements.

Asphalt requires a special formulation of paint designed to penetrate and bond with the asphalt in order to provide a durable, long-lasting finish. Specialized asphalt paints are available from many home improvement stores and companies specializing in asphalt maintenance and repair.

These specialized paints are more expensive than regular paints but will provide a more effective and longer-lasting result.

Can You Use Latex Paint on Asphalt?

Unfortunately, you cannot directly apply latex paint to asphalt. Latex paint is designed to adhere to smooth and hard surfaces like drywall, wood, and metal, and asphalt is a porous surface – so it must be prepped before painting to accept the paint properly.

If your asphalt surface is in good condition and you would still like to paint it, you can consider latex for the paint job. But acrylic-based paint is best suited for asphalt and tarmac surfaces.

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Can the Same Kind of Paint Used on Asphalt and Tarmac Also be used on a Concrete Driveway?

Yes, the same kind of paint can be used on asphalt, tarmac, and concrete driveways. However, when it comes to a staining versus painting concrete driveway, it’s important to consider the durability and maintenance requirements of each option. Staining is a more permanent solution, while painting allows for more color options.

Tips For A Successful Paint Job

A successful paint job on asphalt and tarmac requires skill and knowledge of the right techniques. There are a few key tips to follow to ensure a successful paint job:

  • Use a primer: Applying a primer before painting can help improve the adhesion of the paint and extend its lifespan.
  • Apply multiple thin coats rather than one thick coat: This will help the paint dry evenly and prevent it from blistering or peeling.
  • Allow sufficient drying time between coats: Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommended drying times between coats to ensure proper curing of the paint.
  • Follow safety precautions: When painting asphalt or tarmac surfaces, be sure to wear protective clothing and take caution when working near traffic.

How To Paint Your Asphalt Or Tarmac Driveway?


Asphalt and tarmac are different types of surfaces, but they can be painted. Asphalt is a type of pavement made up of bitumen, a sticky black substance. Tarmac is a type of surface that is made up of gravel or crushed stone mixed with asphalt.

Paint can help to protect these surfaces from the elements and make them look better. Different types of paint can be used on asphalt and tarmac, but acrylic paint is the best option. Acrylic paint will adhere well to these surfaces and provide a durable finish.

Choosing the right paint and following the correct application procedure are the keys to achieving a long-lasting and attractive paint job on your asphalt or tarmac surface. Asphalt and tarmac surfaces usually handle a lot of traffic, so selecting the right paint is very important.

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