What is Rhino Shield – Pros And Cons With Estimate Prices

Rhino Shield is a ceramic paint applied to your home’s exterior. This product has pros and cons that should be considered before deciding what type of siding to install on your home.

Rhino Shield is a thick coating that doesn’t require any primer or topcoat. As a result, applying it is much simpler than painting with traditional paints, meaning less time and money spent on labor costs.

The disadvantage of this paint is that if it is not applied correctly, it can result in an uneven finish due to the thickness of the coating.

Here you will learn Rhino Shield’s pros and cons and estimate prices.

What is Rhino Shield

What Exactly Is Rhino Shield?

Rhino Shield is the perfect solution if you’re looking for a durable, long-lasting, and stylish way to protect your home from the elements. It is a ceramic paint coating applied to the exterior of buildings. It provides a high level of protection against weather elements such as wind, rain, snow, and sun.

Rhino Shield is a ceramic elastomeric coating system applied in multiple layers. It is made up of a blend of acrylic polymers and ceramic particles. This blend creates an incredibly durable and long-lasting protective coating that can withstand the harshest weather conditions. The coating is also resistant to UV light, mold, and mildew.

Once applied, Rhino Shield provides a beautiful and long-lasting finish. It comes in various colors and textures so you can customize your home’s look. The coating also helps to reduce energy costs by reflecting the sun’s heat and keeping your home cooler in the summer months.

Pros of Rhino Shield Coating

Rhino Shield Coating is a revolutionary product gaining traction in the home improvement and construction industry.


Rhino Shield Coating is designed to be incredibly durable. It’s designed to last up to 25 years without fading, chipping, or cracking, so you can rest assured that your home will look great for years to come.

Energy Efficiency

Rhino Shield Coating also helps to create an energy-efficient home. Reflecting heat from the sun can help keep your home cool during the summer and warm during the winter.

Variety of Colors

Rhino Shield Coating is available in various colors, so you can find the perfect color to match your home’s style.


Unlike traditional paint, Rhino Shield Coating requires very little maintenance. It’s designed to resist dirt and grime, so you won’t have to worry about regular cleaning or repainting.

Cons of Rhino Shield Coating

While Rhino Shield Coating can be an attractive and practical option, there are some potential downsides to consider before deciding.


The biggest downside to Rhino Shield Coating is the cost. It is more expensive than traditional paint, so you’ll need to budget for the investment.


Rhino Shield Coating requires expert application; therefore, you will also need to budget for installation costs.

Limited to Exterior

Rhino Shield Coating is only suitable for exterior use, so it’s not a good choice for interior walls or ceilings.

What is the Average Price of Rhino Shield?

Rhino Shield is a revolutionary exterior coating designed to protect your home from the elements and to last for decades. It is an incredibly durable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective solution for homeowners looking to protect their homes from the elements. But what is the average price of Rhino Shield?

The cost of Rhino Shield varies depending on the size of your home and the type of coating you choose.

Generally speaking, the average cost of Rhino Shield ranges from $3 to $4 per square foot. This can vary depending on the coating type and the job’s complexity. You can expect to spend $10000 for painting 2500 square feet of the home exterior.

Is Rhino Shield More Expensive?

Regarding home improvement projects, cost is one of the most important considerations. Many homeowners want to ensure they get the best quality products for the best price. One of the products that have been gaining in popularity is Rhino Shield, an exterior wall coating system. Many people are wondering if Rhino Shield is more expensive than other options.

The answer is that it depends on several factors, including the project size, the type of paint used, and the job’s complexity. However, Rhino Shield costs about 20-30% more than traditional paints.

Rhino Shield may cost more upfront because it is a specialized product unavailable at every paint store. Therefore, you may have to pay a premium to ship it to your location.

Additionally, you can expect to pay more per square foot coverage because it is designed to last much longer than traditional paints (up to 25 years!). Though Rhino Shield may have a higher initial investment cost, it could save you money in the long run by lasting significantly longer and reducing repainting costs over time!

Which is a Better Exterior Paint Option: Behr or PPG Rhino Shield?

When it comes to a Behr vs PPG comparison, both exterior paint options have their pros and cons. Behr is known for its wide color selection and easy application, while PPG Rhino Shield is admired for its durability and weather resistance. Ultimately, the better option depends on the specific needs of the project.

Are There Any Exterior Paints That Can Also Be Used for Interior Projects?

Yes, there are exterior paints that can also be used for interior projects. However, it’s important to note that just mixing interior and exterior paint may not be the best solution. It’s recommended to use a paint that is specifically formulated for the surface and environment it will be applied to.

Does Rhino Shield Increase Home Value?

There is no simple answer to the question of whether or not Rhino Shield will increase the value of your home. When placing a value on any property, many factors must be considered, and it is impossible to say how one improvement may affect that value. However, there are some things we can look at to try and get an idea of how this product may impact your home’s worth.

This Shield is a ceramic coating that can be applied to the exterior of homes as an alternative to traditional paint products. This coating has been shown to protect significantly against weathering, staining, and other damage that can occur over time. It is also very easy to clean and maintain, which could appeal to potential buyers looking for a low-maintenance property.

In general, any improvements made to a property that increases its curb appeal and makes it more attractive to buyers will likely result in an increased value. This product certainly has the potential to do this, making it a worthwhile investment if you plan to sell your home soon.

How does Rhino Shield Protect Building Exterior?


Rhino Shield is a durable, long-lasting coating option for your home’s exterior with a hefty price tag. While the cost may be prohibitive for some, those who can afford it will find that Rhino Shield offers superior protection against the elements and significantly extends the life of their home’s exterior.

With its wide range of color options and customization, Rhino Shield is an excellent option for those looking for a long-term coating solution.

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