Superpaint Vs. Duration Sherwin Williams – What’s Better?

Sherwin-Williams is a well-known brand that has been providing high-quality paints for decades. Superpaint and Duration are two of the most popular products from the company.

But which one is better? Choosing between the two can be daunting, especially if you’re unfamiliar with their differences.

Both paints are indeed excellent options for your home painting needs. Superpaint is a premium quality paint that offers excellent coverage and durability.

On the other hand, Duration is a top-of-the-line product with an outstanding warranty and promises to last longer than any other paint on the market.

This blog post will compare SuperPaint and Duration in terms of coverage, durability, versatility, environmental friendliness, and price. By the end of this post, you will better understand which paint is better for your project.

How Do Superpaint and Duration Compare?

When comparing Superpaint and Duration, there are some key similarities and differences.


  • Both Superpaint and Duration are high-quality paints with excellent coverage and durability.
  • They are available in a wide range of colors and finishes.
  • Both are water-based, which makes them easy to clean up and more eco-friendly than solvent-based paints.


  • Duration has a longer lifespan than Superpaint, with some estimates suggesting it can last up to 10 years.
  • Duration is formulated with a unique blend of resins that allow it to be applied on a wider range of surfaces, including aluminum and vinyl siding.
  • Superpaint has a lower price point than Duration, making it a more budget-friendly option for many consumers.

To help readers quickly compare the two paints side by side, we’ve created a handy table:

Coverage350-400 sq. ft. per gallon400-450 sq. ft. per gallon
Durability5-7 yearsUp to 10 years
Lifespan25 years50 years
SurfacesWood, concrete, masonryWood, concrete, masonry, aluminum, vinyl siding
PriceLower price pointHigher price point

What is Superpaint, and What are its Features?

When painting your home, choosing the right paint is key. One popular option is Sherwin Williams’ Superpaint. But what exactly is Superpaint, and what makes it stand out from other paints on the market?

What is Superpaint?

Superpaint is a premium acrylic latex paint designed for interior and exterior use. It is known for its durability and long-lasting finish. This paint is available in both flat and satin finishes, making it a versatile option for any room in your home.


Sherwin-Williams states Superpaint can cover 350-400 square feet per gallon. This coverage can vary depending on your application method, so it’s best to plan for the lower end of the spectrum if using a brush or roller.


This paint is known for its exceptional durability. It can last up to 15 years on exterior surfaces and 25 years on interior surfaces. It is also resistant to fading, staining, and peeling, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas.


Another unique characteristic of Superpaint is that it tends to be more eco-friendly than other paints on the market. It includes sustainable plant extracts and contains fewer harmful chemicals. This makes it a safer option for families with young children or pets.

What is Duration, and What are its Features?

Duration is another popular product offered by Sherwin Williams. It is a premium exterior paint that boasts exceptional durability and a long-lasting finish.

Features of Duration

  • Resistant to fading, chalking, and peeling
  • Water-repellent and mildew-resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Available in a range of finishes, from matte to gloss

Coverage, Durability, and Lifespan of Duration

Duration has excellent coverage, with a gallon of paint covering up to 400 square feet. Its durability is impressive, with the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions such as extreme heat and cold. The lifespan of Duration is also exceptional, and this paint is able to maintain its color and finish for up to 10 years.

Unique Characteristics of Duration

One of the most significant unique characteristics of Duration is its versatility. Unlike Superpaint, Duration can be applied to various surfaces, including stucco, brick, and fiber cement.

It can also be used on exterior and interior surfaces, making it a popular choice among homeowners and professionals.

Overall, Duration is an excellent choice for those seeking premium exterior paint that is long-lasting, durable, and versatile.

Which Paint is Better for Interior Surfaces?

When choosing the best paint for interior surfaces, it’s important to consider the specific features and characteristics of Superpaint and Duration. While both paints are great options, there are situations where one may be better suited than the other.

For interior surfaces, Superpaint is an excellent choice for high-traffic areas like hallways, entryways, and stairwells.

Its exceptional durability and scrub resistance make it ideal for areas with a lot of wear and tear. Superpaint is also available in a wide range of colors, so you can find the perfect shade to match your decor.

On the other hand, Duration may be a better choice for interior surfaces that require more moisture resistance, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Its advanced moisture resistance formula helps prevent mildew growth and makes cleaning easier.

Duration’s self-priming feature allows for faster and easier application, making it an excellent choice for larger interior projects.

Choosing between Superpaint and Duration for interior surfaces will ultimately depend on your specific needs and preferences. Consider each paint’s characteristics and evaluate which would work best for your particular situation.

Which paint and brush combination will give the best results for a DIY project?

When deciding on a paint and brush combination for your DIY project, consider the type of bristle brush you use. A black vs white bristle brush can impact the finish of your paint job. White bristle brushes are best for applying lighter colored paints, while black bristle brushes are ideal for darker colors and stains.

Which Paint is Better for Exterior Surfaces?

Regarding exterior surfaces, Duration may be a better choice than Superpaint due to its exceptional durability and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Duration features PermaLast® technology, which helps the paint stay fresh and vibrant for longer periods. This technology also helps the paint resist fading, chalking, and cracking, making it an ideal choice for homes in areas with intense sun exposure or frequent weather changes.

In addition, Duration is known for its superior coverage, which means fewer coats are needed to achieve the desired result. This saves time and reduces the amount of paint required, making it a more cost-effective option in the long run.

That being said, Superpaint is still a good choice for exterior surfaces in certain situations. For example, suppose the surface is not subject to harsh weather conditions, such as a covered porch or shaded area. In that case, Superpaint may be a more affordable option with good coverage and durability.

Ultimately, the choice between Superpaint and Duration for exterior surfaces will depend on factors such as the location and condition of the surface, as well as personal preference and budget.

It may be helpful to consult with a professional painter or Sherwin-Williams representative to determine the best option for your needs.

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Both Superpaint and Duration by Sherwin Williams are excellent choices for interior and exterior surfaces.

While Superpaint may have slightly better coverage and is more eco-friendly, Duration stands out with its unique PermaLast technology, which extends the paint’s lifespan.

Ultimately, the choice between the two will come down to personal preference and the specific needs of your painting project. It’s worth noting that both paints come at a premium cost, but the quality of the paint and its durability make it a worthy investment.

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