How To Remove Spray Paint From Glass?

Spray paint may be used to adorn a space, decor, or glasses. Spray paint has particles that are tiny and dry rapidly, yet once cured, they are long-lasting and difficult to get rid of.

Now, imagine yourself working on an art project and mistakenly over-spraying on a glass surface, or someone making graffiti on the window of your home. And that makes you ponder how to remove spray paint from glass.

You can use Alcohol, Turpentine, Acetone, white vinegar, a pressure washer, a paint scraper or a razor to remove spray paint from glass. Using the right tools and chemical solvents will make the removal process much easier.

To learn further about these methods, give this article below a read.

How To Remove Spray Paint From Glass..

Removing Spray Paint From Glass

Removing spray paint from glass surfaces is easy if you know the correct method. It depends on the type of glass, paint, the amount of paint, and, most importantly, how long the paint was left on the surface.

It’s pretty easy if you clean off the spray paint right away before it dries. But cleaning dried paint is a tough job. But with the right ingredients and instructions, you can easily get your job done.

The important part is to pick the right solvent for this process. These are liquid chemical substances that dissolve the hardened paint.

We’ll try to provide you with some easy DIY solvent recipes. The ingredients are available at your closest hardware shop or in your basement. By following these procedures, you can make your spoiled glass look like a new one again.

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Getting Started

Before you start to remove spray paint from your mirror, select a suitable method. Arrange all the necessary ingredients and take some precautionary steps as you’re going to use some strong chemical solvents.

Always use rubber gloves and goggles when you’re using chemical solvents. Because these solvents can be harmful to your skin and eyes.

This spray removal process should be done in a well-ventilated room so that you don’t inhale any fumes. Open the windows or switch the circulatory fans on before you start the process.

Make sure you’re equipped with the following things:

  • A Bucket
  • Rubbing pad
  • Razorblade or paint scraper
  • Microfiber rags
  • Paper towels
  • Rubber hand gloves
  • Goggles
  • Tarp or Drop Cloth for the floor

Once you’re done arranging all this stuff, you can finally start the process.

How To Remove Spray Paint From Glass: 7 Methods

There are many options available for you to choose from. Select your preferred method from the ones we have gathered here.

1. Using Alcohol

There are two types of alcohol that can be used to remove spray paint from a glass surface (e.g. rubbing alcohol and denatured alcohol). 90% concentrated rubbing alcohol works better than a 70% solution.

Pour some rubbing alcohol on a microfiber cleaning rag and place it over the paint. Keep it there for a couple of minutes to release the hardened paint from the surface. Scrub and wash the glass with glass cleaner or soapy water.

You should be very careful when using denatured alcohol. Before putting them on your glass surface, take some on a rag and test it on a dumped item. Make sure you wear rubber gloves and goggles.

2. Using Mineral Spirits

If you want to remove fresh paint from your glass, Mineral Spirits are the best option. These are low-cost petroleum distillate solvents that can easily detach paint from glass surfaces.

Pour some mineral spirit on a cotton ball or a clean rag and apply it to the paint spots.

Scrub the rag with full force to remove the stains. Once you’re done removing the stains, use soapy water or glass cleaner to wash the glass and dry it off with a paper towel.

3. Using Turpentine

Turpentine is widely used to remove silicon glue from glass doors after installation. This is also used to remove hardened paint from glass.

Take a fresh rag or a cotton ball and dip it in the bottle of Turpentine. Put it over the stains and keep it for a minute. Scrub the rag with full force to remove the paint. Wash the glass with a microfiber cleaning rag, warm soapy water, or glass cleaner to make it look like the paint was never there.

Safely dispose of the cleaning items once you’re done.

4. Using Acetone

Acetone is excellent for stripping paint from glass. To do this, use an acetone-based solution such as lacquer thinner, paint thinner, etc. The most common acetone-based solution you might have in your hand is nail polish remover.

First, take a clean cloth and soak it in acetone. Then put that directly on the dried paint dabs of your glass. hold the rag on it for a few minutes. When the acetone begins to soften the spray paint, rub the stain away.

Wipe off the extra acetone liquid with a fresh rag. After that, you could wipe the glass with a microfiber rag soaked with lukewarm water or glass cleaner. Don’t forget to give it a final wipe with a dry rag for a shiny finish.

Note: Ensure that the space in which you will clean the glass with acetone is adequately ventilated. Put on your protective gloves and when using a nail polish remover, always use a microfiber cloth.

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5. Using White Vinegar

Vinegar is something that almost everyone keeps on hand. It is a simple, low-cost, and efficient method for removing dried, sprayed paint from glass. Not to mention, vinegar dissolves tenacious paint without using any harmful chemicals or emitting hazardous fumes. If you are afraid to use it because of its odor, don’t be put off because it quickly goes away.

Begin by warming a small quantity of white vinegar. It is easier to take the vinegar and heat it in the microwave oven. After making sure it’s hot enough, apply the vinegar to the paint using a rag or sponge. Wait for 20 minutes to let the vinegar do its work.

If the paint doesn’t seem to soften, reapply the hot vinegar. Next, using a paint scraper, scrape the loosened paint away. Finish by washing the glass with a wet towel to clean off the residual vinegar/paint.

6. Using A Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is a great option for clearing spray paint off exterior windows in a safe and effective manner. But be sure to keep the water pressure at a low-level setting so that you don’t accidentally break off the mirror.

To avoid any risk, try the pressure of water and nozzle somewhere else. Then you can adjust the pressure to suit the glass.

7. Using A Paint Scraper Or Razor

If you decide to skip using different kinds of chemicals and sponges made of melamine, you can scrape spray paint off the glass with a razor or sharp blade. Take hot water and mix in a few droplets of liquid soap for the best results. With a tiny hand towel, liberally apply the soap mixed water directly on the paint.

Wait a few minutes to let the solution penetrate the paint, which will also help to keep the glass from becoming scratched.

One risk of this method is scraping the glass in the process. Scratching is controlled by the pressure you apply while scraping. So you must be very careful with your scraper/razor.

To remove the paint, push the scraper frontward from one side to the other at a 15-30 degree angle over the paint. After that, carefully lift the scraper. Keep doing it until all of the undesirable paint marks have been removed. To get the glass perfectly clean, give it a last wipe with glass cleaner.

Note: Don’t try to drag the razor/scraper backward, which results in leaving marks on the glass. And as soon as you hear any harsh sound, instantly stop because it means the blade is broken and has to be replaced.

How To Remove Spray Paint From Textured Glass?

Removing sprayed paint from textured glass can be heard. But not if you follow these processes:

  • Take a razor blade. With the help of it, scrape away as much paint as possible from the glass,
  • Soak your microfiber towel in the nail paint remover. Then hold the towels over the sprayed paint for several seconds before rubbing them off.
  • Repeat this process till all of the paint has been cleaned. To get an exact finish in the corners of the glasses and near the woodwork, it’s better to use cotton tips.
  • After all of the paint has gone, use a glass cleaner to wipe off everything.

Note: Use a hand glove to keep your hands safe. otherwise, your hand may get dirty and you have to clean your hand instead


Every spray paint enthusiast’s nightmare is getting specks of paint on their glasses. Because spray paint can also cause little dots of color to scatter in a nearby area, making it hard to get rid of. Now the wondering game of how to remove spray paint from glass is over. With these easy and thoroughly detailed steps, you will also be able to remove spray paint from any glasses. You can even use the ingredients you have in your home.

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