How to Paint Veneer Furniture- a Step by Step Guide

Whether you’re wanting to give new life to an old piece of furniture or achieve a certain look for a piece you’re building, painting veneer furniture is a great option. The veneer is a thin layer of wood that’s been glued onto a piece of particle board or MDF. It gives the appearance of solid wood without a high price tag.

Veneer furniture can add a touch of elegance to any room, but it can be tricky to paint. If you’re not careful, you can easily damage the delicate wood. But with a little bit of know-how, you can easily paint veneer furniture and give it a whole new look.

Painting veneer is different than painting solid wood and requires special preparation in order for the paint to adhere properly and not chip off down the road.

How to Paint Veneer Furniture

How Do You Paint Over a Veneer?

Veneer furniture is often thought of as being difficult or impossible to paint, but with the right preparation and painting technique, it can be easily done. Here are some tips on how to paint veneer furniture:

Step 1: Sand the Surface

If you want to paint over a veneer, the first thing you need to do is sand the surface. You can use fine-grit sandpaper and sand lightly until the surface is dull. This will help the paint adhere better.

Step 2: Clean The Sanded Surface

Once you’ve sanded, wipe off any dust with a damp cloth and let the veneer dry completely.

Step 3: Apply Primer

Be sure to use a primer made specifically for painting laminate or another type of non-porous surface.
Apply the primer according to the manufacturer’s instructions, then let it dry completely.

Step 4: Start Painting

Once the primer is dry, you can start painting with your chosen color. Just be sure to use a paint that’s designed for use on laminate surfaces; regular paint won’t stick well and could eventually peel off. For best results, use a semi-gloss or high-gloss paint for this project.

Step 5: Apply Sealer

Seal the paint with a clear sealer. This will help to protect the paint and will also give the furniture a nice shine.

How to Paint Veneer Furniture Without Sanding?

Veneer furniture is a beautiful and affordable option for adding a touch of elegance to your home. But, like any type of furniture, it requires proper care and occasional cleaning or painting. You may be wondering how to paint veneer furniture without sanding.

The good news is that you don’t have to sand veneer furniture before painting it. In fact, sometimes heavy sanding can actually damage the veneer if you are not careful. So it’s best to avoid it if possible. Here are some tips for painting veneer furniture without sanding:

Choose The Right Type Of Paint

Latex paint is a good choice for painting veneer furniture because it’s easy to work with and dries quickly. However, oil-based paints can also be used if you prefer them.

Clean The Surface

Clean the surface of the furniture with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or dust that could prevent the paint from adhering properly. Use painter’s tape to protect any areas that you don’t want to be painted, such as hardware or glass surfaces.

Apply Primer

Use a primer designed for use on laminate surfaces before painting. This will help the paint adhere better and will also provide a more even finish. Let the primer dry completely before proceeding to paint. Dry completely before using it or replacing any hardware.

What Kind of Paint Is Best to Use on Veneer?

When it comes to painting veneer, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to ensure a smooth, professional-looking finish. If you’re painting veneer, you want to use paint that will adhere well and not cause any peeling or chipping.

Veneer is a smooth surface, so you’ll want to use a paint that is specifically designed for use on smooth surfaces. This will give you the best chance of getting a smooth, even finish. You need to make sure to use high-quality paint that is designed specifically for the veneer.

Latex Paint

The best type of paint to use on veneer is latex paint. Latex paint provides excellent coverage and adhesion, making it ideal for this project. You can use either an oil-based primer or a water-based primer with your latex paint. Just make sure the primer is compatible with the paint you’re using.

Acrylic Paint

Water-based acrylic paint is also a good option for painting veneer, as it will provide good coverage and adhesion.

How to Paint Laminate Furniture?

Laminate furniture is a great option for those who want an inexpensive, yet stylish and durable piece of furniture. Laminate is also easy to care for and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. However, one downside to laminate furniture is that it can be difficult to paint.

But with a little patience and the right supplies, you can successfully paint laminate furniture and give it a whole new look! Here’s what you need to know about painting laminate furniture:

Choose The Appropriate Type Of Paint

You’ll want to use latex paint that is specifically made for painting laminate or melamine surfaces. These paints will adhere well to the surface and won’t chip or peel over time.

Prepare The Surface

Before you start painting, you’ll need to thoroughly clean the piece of furniture and sand down any rough edges. Once the surface is smooth, apply a primer designed for use on laminate surfaces. This will help the paint adhere better and provide a more even finish.

Paint Away

Now comes the fun part – actually painting your piece of furniture! Use long strokes in one direction and don’t overload your brush with paint.
It’s best to apply several thin coats of paint rather than one thick coat. Allow each coat of paint to dry completely before adding another layer.

Add Some Finishing Touches

Once your final coat of paint is dry, you may want to add some decorative details like stenciling or decoupage. Just make sure whatever medium you use is compatible with latex paint so it doesn’t affect the finish.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to successfully paint laminated furniture. Just remember to take your time, be patient, and enjoy giving new life to an old piece!

How to Paint Laminate MDF?

If you’re looking to add a touch of paint to your MDF laminate furniture, here’s a quick and easy guide on how to do it!

Start by sanding down the surface of your furniture with medium-grit sandpaper. This will help the paint adhere better to the laminate.

Next step, wipe down the surface with a damp cloth to remove any dust particles. Now you’re ready to start painting! Use a brush or roller designed for use with latex paints and apply an even coat over the entire surface. Let the first coat dry completely before adding a second coat if desired.

Can I Use Black Paint for Veneer Furniture?

Yes, you can use black wood furniture paint for veneer furniture. It can give a dramatic and modern look to the pieces, and it is also a great way to cover up any imperfections in the veneer. Just make sure to properly prepare the surface before applying the paint for best results.

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Can I Use Mud Paint to Paint Veneer Furniture According to Your Step by Step Guide?

Yes, you can use mud paint for furniture painting on veneer furniture. Follow this step by step guide to ensure success. First, clean the furniture thoroughly. Next, lightly sand the surface to help the mud paint adhere. Then, apply the mud paint in thin, even coats, allowing each coat to fully dry before applying the next.


Veneer furniture is an affordable way to add style and formality to any room. It can be painted or stained to complement the current theme of the room or the styles you like. Just be prepared to do some prep work, such as sanding and priming, before painting. And once done, you’ll have a piece that will look more expensive than it is!

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